The 1794 ‘Flowing Hair’ Silver Dollar was the first dollar coin ever to be struck by the US mint and as legend has it; George Washington himself approved this very coin! In 2016 the London Mint Office are giving you the exclusive chance to view this historical coin, alongside an original 1776 copy of the Declaration of Independence – the document which became a significant symbol of democracy. The Flowing Hair exhibition will tour Europe, stopping off in Prague, Warsaw, Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Dublin and London.

Tour Timeline Prague: 9-12th Feb, 2016 Warsaw: 16-18th Feb, 2016 Tallinn: 22-23rd Feb, 2016 Helsinki: 25-26th Feb, 2016 Stockholm: 29th Feb - 1st March, 2016 Oslo: 3-6th Mar, 2016 Dublin: 12-13th Mar, 2016 London: 18-20th Mar, 2016


The Flowing Hair tour will visit London from the 18th to the 20th March. This magnificent coin - along with the original copy of the Declaration of Independence – will be displayed in La Galleria, Pall Mall (just off Trafalgar Square). Closest tube stops are Charing Cross and Leicester Square.

Come along and see this piece of history for free.

Event open 10AM – 5 PM on Friday and Saturday and from 9 AM to 12 PM on Sunday.




Based in the heart of the City of London, The London Mint Office is one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of historic, commemorative and circulation coins from around the world

Through long grown partnerships with most of the major state mints and national banks across the globe, the company has become one of the leading sources in the coin collecting community.

With unrivalled expertise in this specialist field, and a visionary approach to sourcing and customer service, The London Mint Office is committed to enhancing the enjoyment, understanding and knowledge of collectors of all levels of experience the world over



When I was a child my great grandmother gave me three old coins that she had saved in her teapot for many years - one was a trade dollar. This sparked my interest in numismatics. When I was in high school I dreamed of being a coin dealer. Instead, college and the military ensued. When I got out of the Navy and bought my own business, I got back into collecting coins. I formed the finest trade dollar set at that time in memory of my first coin. Silver dollars have always been my passion. The Amon Carter (‘Flowing Hair’) 1794 was always a dream coin of mine from the moment I saw its image in print. I longed to own it but it was locked away in a world-class collection for many decades. When it finally came on the market after a few years I figured out a way to acquire it and purchased it to be the centerpiece of my early dollar collection. It remains the only coin to break the $10 million barrier at auction or by private treaty. It now resides in the finest circulation strike silver dollar set from 1794 to 1878. This set consists of the early dollars, the Gobrecht dollars, the seated liberty dollars and the trade dollars. I am extremely proud to own the first Silver dollar ever struck for the United States!



Most collectors develop their love for their hobby at an early age, and I was no exception. It began on my tenth birthday when my Aunt Rhoda gave me a “Morgan” silver dollar from the 1800s. Of course I did not know it then, but her gift would spark a passion within me that would ultimately lead me to a career which, to this day, I feel just as passionately about as when I was a boy. Looking back, it is hard to determine exactly what about American coins that intrigued me the most. Whether it was their intricate designs or the history behind each coin, my youthful imagination would dart around the stories that each piece promised. Could my prized cent from the 1850s have been spent by a Civil War soldier, or perhaps even Abraham Lincoln himself? The possibilities were endless.

As I matured, I found that my passion for coins only grew stronger. It was for these reasons that I was able to turn the youthful hobby into my career as a professional numismatist, or someone who studies or deals in rare coins on a full-time basis. Since 1973, I’ve had the privilege of buying, selling and collecting some of the most important and historical American coins in existence. Because of this, I consider myself a man of great fortune.

As challenges in the coin world were overcome, the collector inside me still needed to be satisfied. By my mid-thirties I had acquired some new pieces of history, unlike others I had come across before while collecting and dealing in coins. Straying from my strictly numismatic collection, I began exploring new areas which had previously been uncharted by me. This is when I found Historical Americana. It’s easy to draw the connection to how coins had led me to this new passion, as they both compliment each other perfectly.

Unfortunately, my passion caused me to lack focus. My collection spanned many eras, perhaps too many, from American history. This was the case until I finally found my calling, the period surrounding the American Revolution. As much as I love coins, the idea of owning a document penned by a Founding Father, a sword he carried into battle, or a garment he actually wore, is nothing short of incredible.

Today, as I continue to add to my collection of the American Revolution, many of these objects are proudly displayed at some of the most prominent museums on the east coast. As much as I enjoy owning these treasures, I am even more thrilled to loan them out to these museums to share with everyone.


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